American Daughters of Conservation

2018 Wrap up

A Note Form the Founder
Ladies, 2018 was an incredible year for ADC, we have expanded and accomplished so much, that each and every one of you should be proud of! We have only been an organization for 2 years, and we have managed to expand to 36 states and have close to 300 members nationwide! That is absolutely incredible in itself, and its even more impressive when you take into consideration all the events and projects we have successfully completed on top of that, take a gander at the list below (and that is just what we have done this year!) I can never say thank you enough to all the amazing women who have joined me on this journey. You’re brilliance and determination shines like a beacon for the rest of the hunting community to see and I am so proud and humbled to be your president! Cheers to 2019! Its going to be EPIC!! 🙂

-Brenna Nuckols
All We Did in 2018
Florida Events:
-Duck Hunt       
-Charity Clay shoot
-Deer Survey
-Concealed weapons class
-Cast net class
-Quarter Auction
-Dove hunt
-Mono-filament Bins Build
-Archery class
–Wood Duck box placement

Georgia Events:
-Georgia Hog Hunt

Kentucky Events:
-Mono-filament Bins Build
-Deer hunt
-Bow Fishing trip

Maryland Events:
Rock Fish Trip
-Beach Clean up
-Sea Duck Hunt

Michigan Events:
-Midland Call of the Wild Night
-Adopt a hwy program
-Hand gun class
-Mono-filament bin builds

Tennessee Events:
-Reelfoot lake duck hunt
Involvement & Sponsorship:
-Woods and Water feature article
-Muzzy giveaway and photo contests
-MWD Outdoors sponsorship
-American Caliber sponsorship
-FWC hunter safety collaboration
-Madison Florida Scarecrow contest

ADC Growth!
-Appointing of Wisconsin chapter president- Denise Bradt
-Appointing of North Carolina chapter president- Tasha Little
-Creation of ADC Jr.
We are kicking off our ADC Jr. program with a youth hog hunt in Georgia! Sign up today on our website www.adconserve.org. Jr memberships are discounted for our kick off to $25.00, but they wont stay that way forever, so get your little ones signed up today and join us on our 2019 adventures!
Dont miss next years events! Check out our 2019 schedule for upcoming ADC events!
All We Have in Store for 2019
2019 has been dubbed our “year of youth“, along with our launch of ADC Jr. this year, we are also challenging each chapter to host on youth event before the end on 2019!