Women dedicated to North American Wildlife conservation efforts, and inspiring fellow women and young girls to expand their knowledge of the outdoor sporting world.

Women fish too

Who We Are

Established in 2017

American Daughters of Conservation is a group of like minded hunters and anglers who love the outdoors. We have come together to conserve wild game habitat and educate women and young ladies in all things outdoors. ADC is a national organization in 40 states and continuing to grow everyday. Our outdoor way of life is important to us and to our future generations. ADC is a non profit organization which means that all the proceeds go towards conservation efforts and member education.

Our Mission

Women dedicated to North American Wildlife conservation efforts, and inspiring fellow women and young girls to expand their knowledge of the outdoor sporting world.

Our Vision

We strive to create a safe, relaxed, and judgment free environment for women to learn about everything in the outdoor sporting world, from hunting to fishing and everything in between. For the experienced huntress and fisher, this is your chance to meet and collaborate with other women who share the same passion for outdoor sports.

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Embrace the wild within, as we come together as a tribe of outdoor-loving warrior women. United by our love for nature, adventure, and camaraderie, we stand strong as fearless outdoor enthusiasts. Join us in our quest for conservation, laughter, and sisterhood, celebrating each other’s strengths under the open sky.



Our sponsor list continues to grow because reputable companies believe in what we’re doing! Prois, ScentLok, DSG Outerwear, Wild Child Charters, Forget Genetics LLC, Hooks Custom Calls, Hunters Blend Coffee, and more!



Join American Daughters of Conservation where we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to make a real impact on the environment. From fundraising to planting trees, habitat management to clean-ups, our boots on the ground approach ensures that we are actively preserving our planet for future generations. 


ADC Events

Our dedicated leadership team is committed to creating unforgettable experiences that inspire, educate, and empower women while making a positive impact on conservation efforts. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for our planet and the generations to come.

Grow with us!

Recent years have brought ADC more blessings than we can even count. We have grown to over 500 Members & 17 Chapters across 40 states, which also called for expanding our Leadership team.
What does that mean? The relationships & camaraderie in our organization are blossoming every day. We have more boots on the ground than ever, contributing to habitat management, trash-clean up, planting trees, educational opportunities & so much more. More women are volunteering their time & resources to conserve our great outdoors. Our sponsor list has grown because reputable companies BELIEVE in what we are doing! The opportunities, connections & impacts we make just keep getting better & we owe it all to the women that make up the body of ADC. Words can not express how grateful we are for all of this, & all of YOU!

What We Do

Our Impact


Educating and empowering women and young girls in the outdoor sporting world.


Educating and empowering women in the outdoor sporting worlds.



Putting boots on the ground to make an impact with habitat management, clean-up efforts, and more.


From wildlife professional presentations, to 3-day outdoor skills training workshops.  






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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADC's Mission Statement?

Our mission statement is to be Women dedicated to North American land and wildlife conservation efforts, while inspiring fellow women and young girls to expand their knowledge of the outdoor sporting world.

What is ADC’s long-term goal?

Our long-term goal is to purchase land across the US for conservation purposes and member utilization. This goal is funded by our members’ annual dues. Each member contributes $40 annually and those funds are allocated solely for this purpose. It was decided by ADC Leadership that when our Land Purchase Fund reaches $100,000.00, we will begin our search for the organization’s first piece of property.

While working toward land purchase, what are the immediate ADC goals?

Our current focus is on Outdoor Education for Women and Young Ladies. ADC Leadership works to plan events that provide Members with the opportunity to learn, improve, or share their knowledge of various skills throughout the year. As their knowledge of the Outdoors grows so does their commitment to conservation. ADC frequently collaborates with our local DNRs and other organizations to assist with conservation efforts in our local areas.

Does ADC have its 501(C)3 non-profit status? What does that mean?

Yes. ADC was awarded its 501(c)3 status by the IRS in January 2017. This means we are a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Funds raised by our organization are done so for the benefit our mission and not for the benefit of a private shareholder or individual(s). This also means that donations made to our organization are tax deductible.

Does the organization have employees?

No. Not even one. ADC is staffed by volunteers, meaning no one in a Leadership position is paid or reimbursed for the time and effort they put into our organization.

Is ADC a hunting club?

Hunting and Fishing are common interests shared by many of our members. ADC makes it a point to let our Leaders and other members plan and host all kinds of events, including hunting and fishing trips, but ADC is NOT a hunting club. Our members take it upon themselves to plan and pay for their own participation in these events.

What is the current size of the organization?

ADC currently has over 500 active members across the United States.

Who makes up the ADC Leadership Team?

ADC’s Leadership Team is made up of 7 National Board Members and Leadership Team members from our State Chapters. More information on our Leaders can be found here.

There isn’t a local chapter in my state, how is one started?

A state is officially declared a “Chapter” when it has 10 or more members join the national organization. At that time the National Board will appoint a State President to assist with the organizing local events.

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