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"Be strong, be brave, be fearless." -Joshua 1:9

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Kenzie Taylor

Head of Education

"I am so happy to work alongside the ADC because we females who love the outdoors and who help, educate, and encourage other women in a positive light while also contributing to our North American Conservation efforts. As a female hunter who grew up in the outdoors I felt right at home with this group and I feel you would too!"

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Rachel Anderson


"I was thrilled to be appointed an Officer of ADC in March of 2017. I came to this organization because I wanted to contribute to the sustainability of all North American wild game and fish, and to expand my knowledge of all outdoor sports. I am excited to continue my journey with ADC and can't wait to be a mentor to all our members."

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Melissa Turner


"I was so excited when our founder Brenna Nuckols asked me to join an organization where all the women share the same passions for outdoor sports as I do. We love to hunt, fish, practice on outdoor and indoor ranges and most importantly we love our conservation work."

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