VA: Upland Hunt

Orapax Hunting Reserve, VA

The morning of the hunt will start with an introduction to wing shooting which includes gun fitting, eye dominance testing, gear overview, as well as education on the habitat and conservation of our VA upland birds. There will be a 2-hour session with the thrower and lessons on wing shooting. A break for lunch, which […]

NC: Backpacking Workshop

Backpacking Workshop! This will cover basic backpacking from choosing your big 3 to how to pack! Bring your gear for a weigh-in and shakedown. There is a short trail we can use for adjusting your pack and getting the items balanced correctly. Lots of great information will be shared!

L.O.S.T – Ladies Outdoors Skills Training – Ocala, FL

FWC's Ocala Conservation Center & Youth Camp 7325 NE 170th Ave, Silver Springs, FL

At the American Daughters of Conservation's L.O.S.T. (Ladies Outdoor Skill Training) program, our mission is to introduce and empower future sportswomen and conservationists with skilled and educated practices in hunting and conservation, fostering a love for the Outdoors, and promoting sustainable practices for future generations. Cost: $200 per person, limited scholarships are available. Apply for […]

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